KINGDOM HEARTS II PLAY ARTS KAI - Sora -Halloween Town Version
Deine Edition
In a dark and gloomy town, the Pumpkin King is working diligently to bring in an exciting Halloween. This figure recreates Sora’s outfit when he first arrives at Halloween Town in the midst of that hustle and bustle.

Including two weapons, Kingdom Chain and the Holy Pumpkin (Decisive Pumpkin) keyblades, and a total of six different masks including the iconic pumpkin mask, this figure is capable of recreating not only the various action poses from in-game, but also the pose from the memorable Halloween Sora illustration.
In harmony with the sharp contrast of light and dark, this figure exudes an eerie presence.

It also delightfully brings the stylish and fantastical world characteristic to KINGDOM HEARTS to life through the sculpt and paintwork.
Accessories for Sora (Halloween Town Ver.) include: Kingdom Key Keyblade, Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade, exchangeable masks, and exchangeable hands

© Disney
Size: approx. W 105mm × D 75mm × H 210mm