Disc 1

01Octopath Traveler –Main Theme–2:35
02Ophilia, the Cleric3:19
03Cyrus, the Scholar2:30
04Tressa, the Merchant2:47
05Olberic, the Warrior2:42
06Primrose, the Dancer2:42
07Alfyn, the Apothecary3:27
08Therion, the Thief2:22
09H'aanit, the Hunter2:56
10The Frostlands4:19
11The Flatlands3:06
12The Coastlands3:17
13The Highlands4:23
14The Sunlands3:12
15The Riverlands4:32
16The Cliftlands3:03
17The Woodlands3:46
Disc length 54:58

Disc 2

01Flamesgrace, Guiding Light4:11
03Atlasdam, Seat of Learning3:29
04Tranquil Days2:56
05A Sea Breeze Blows3:17
06How Amusing!3:17
07Cobbleston, Nestled in the Hills3:14
09A Brief Respite0:14
10Dark Caverns3:47
11Battle I3:19
12Victory Fanfare0:52
13Requiem for the Fallen0:26
14Sunshade, City of Pleasures3:27
15On a Knife's Edge4:02
16Clearbrook, by the Pristine Waters3:33
18A Settlement in the Red Bluffs2:46
20My Quiet Forest Home3:22
22Beneath the Surface3:39
23Creeping Dread3:15
24Decisive Battle I4:27
Disc length 73:00

Disc 3

01Battle II2:58
02Town Veiled in White3:15
03Gazing Over the Great Plain3:20
04Enveloped in Kindness3:13
05Grandport, Center of Commerce3:45
06Among Stately Peaks4:13
08The Trees Have Eyes4:02
10Decisive Battle II3:26
11Oasis in the Sparkling Sands3:37
12River of Life3:33
13Bonds of Friendship3:42
14Orewell, Beneath the Crags2:26
15Victors Hollow, Jewel of the Forest2:41
17Forbidding Corridors3:42
18An Ill Omen3:18
Disc length 60:40

Disc 4

01Battle III3:04
02They Who Govern Reason4:40
03Stolen Dreams, Lost Light3:17
04Pure Evil3:27
05For Light0:40
06For Truth0:38
07For Treasure0:51
08For Redemption0:44
09For Revenge0:50
10For Succor0:55
11For Freedom0:41
12For Master0:48
13Battle at Journey's End4:00
14The Gate of Finis3:37
15The One They Call the Witch4:08
16Moment of Truth0:36
17Daughter of the Dark God4:46
18Ending Theme8:00
19Ophilia Motif0:23
20Cyrus Motif0:23
21Tressa Motif0:22
22Olberic Motif0:24
23Primrose Motif0:22
24Alfyn Motif0:22
25Therion Motif0:22
26H'aanit Motif0:22
Disc length 48:42
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