Introducing a CD that features audio from the musical performance during the Trials of Mana 25th Anniversary Concert, an official concert that was streamed online on June 26, 2021!

It contains all 19 tracks, encores included, of this gem of a performance played by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Takeshi Ooi. The CD contains specially written liner notes and commentary by Hiroki Kikuta, the composer of Trials of Mana, as well as liner notes by Sachiko Miyano, who worked on arranging all of the tracks.
【Disc 1】
1. Where Angels Fear to Tread
2. Meridian Child
3. Whiz Kid~Another Winter
4. Person's Die~Oh I'm A Flamelet
5. Raven~Female Turbulence
6. Powell
7. Evening Star
8. Little Sweet Café
9. Nuclear Fusion~Positive

【Disc 2】
1. Splash Hop~Can You Fly Sister?
2. Decision Bell
3. Delicate Affection
4. Intolerance
5. Strange Medicine~Hightension Wire
6. Sacrifice Part One, Two and Three
7. Return to Forever
8. (encore) Angel's Fear ~ Tenshi no Osore
9. (encore) Electric Talk ~ Shounen wa Kouya wo Mezasu
10. (encore) Shigosen no Matsuri ~ Meridian Child
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