Travel through time and listen to bona-fide JAZZ versions of your favorite CHRONO TRIGGER songs, in this fifth album in the “SQUARE ENIX JAZZ” series!

This album features carefully selected tracks from CHRONO TRIGGER, arranged into authentic JAZZ pieces.

Once again, we welcome Trombonist Eijiro Nakagawa and Bassist Ryu Kawamura to provide the arrangements of these tracks, plus as with any JAZZ performance we incorporate lots of freestyle–sure to accentuate the familiar melodies of the original and take them to new heights.

Not only is this great for taking a trip down memory lane, but it is also worth listening to the wonderful performances of our featured musicians.
  • Peaceful Days
  • Frog's Theme
  • Lavos' Theme
  • Robo's Theme
  • Brink of Time
  • Battle with Magus
  • Schala's Theme
  • Far Off Promise
  • World Revolution
  • To Far Away Times
  • Chrono Trigger
Veröffentlichung 2022-01-31 00:00