The chess-style game from Kingdom Hearts III, in which Eraqus and Xehanort pit their wits against each other through the twist and turns of their tactics, has been superbly brought to life.
Each chess piece has been die-cast on its base, and the board is sturdy and striking.
The chess pieces feature motifs of different characters. With their gold or silver finish, they make the perfect object to give some more presence to an interior space.
(There are no game rules.)

Piece size: W 26.5mm - 35.5mm x D 26.5mm x H 83mm - 98.5mm
Weight: 26.2g - 27.1g(per piece)
Board size: W 450mm x D 40mm x H 330mm  
Weight: 3.4kg"

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Veröffentlichung 2022-07-29 00:00