Tomb Raider Collector´s Edition [PC]
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Exclusive Collector´s Edition

This exclusive Collector´s Edition is presented in a high quality metal box and contains a stunning Lara Croft Play Arts Kai figure that stands at approximately 15 cm tall. In addition to downloadable content and a double-sided poster with a detailed map of the island, it also contains a 32 page art book 'The Art of TOMB RAIDER', that offers insights into the world of Lara Croft, as well as the thrilling soundtrack to the game and a waterproof carry pouch.

An enthralling survival story
Be prepared for a gripping mystery story penned by famous video game author Rhianna Pratchett. The tale starts with a young woman stranded on an pacific island. Fear is written on her face and she does not yet trust her own abilities. Could this really be the fierce adventurer that we all know and love TOMB RAIDER purposefully breaks with the ideal of a typical action heroine to tell the enthralling story of a young Lara Croft in Hollywood blockbuster quality. At the end of a thrilling journey you will come to understand how Lara became the icon she is today.

The inimitable atmosphere of TOMB RAIDER
Accompany agile heroine Lara for an adventure packed with climbing down risky passages, action-packed gunfights and exciting cinematic scenes presented in inimitable style. Explore extensive areas to find all the hidden treasures and uncover ancient tombs where fiendish riddles and mortal danger await the unwary.

Numerous upgrades and abilities
The right tools and potent weaponry are necessary to survive Lara´s first and most dangerous adventure. Enhance your gear and improve Lara´s abilities to overcome even the most challenging of tasks.

Hollywood-style cinematography
Experience masterful pacing and clever storytelling in a plot full of surprising twists and turns, personally witnessing Lara´s development into the brave adventurer she was destined to become. Movie-like cinematography, perfectly timed sound effects and a bombastic soundtrack by decorated composer Jason Graves will create a unique atmosphere and carry you off to an action-packed world of exotic adventures.
Released 02-05-14
Platform PC
Publisher Square Enix
Genre Action
Languages German