Before Meteor: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack [Music Disc]

Announcing the long awaited release of the soundtrack to ground-breaking online game Final Fantasy XIV!
This album collects together the awesome BGM used in Final Fantasy XIV before the meteor cataclysm, featuring works created by many talented musicians and composers such as Uematsu Nobuo, Soken Masayoshi, Sekito Tsuyoshi, Mizuta Naoshi and Yamazaki Ryo.
This is also the first time that the BDM (Blu-ray disc music) format has been used for a Final Fantasy soundtrack that allows gorgeous visuals to accompany over 5 hours´ worth of musical tracks, providing a feast of Final Fantasy XIV for both the eyes and ears.

*The BDM format allows for high quality playback on a home blu-ray player and additionally contains condensed mp3 data on the disc allowing music to be transferred to portable music players and other devices.

*Also includes the 5.1ch version of the 'End of an Era' trailer as a bonus track.

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Prelude - Remembrance
Opening Theme
Navigator´s Glory - The Theme of Limsa Lominsa
On Windy Meadows
Nail of the Heavens
In the Shadow of the Colossus
Siren Song
Born of the Boughs - The Theme of Gridania
Whisper of the Land
Emerald Labyrinth
The Forest´s Pulse
Bathed in Woodsin
March of the Moogles
The Twin Faces of Fate - The Theme of Ul´dah
Twilight over Thanalan
Desert Moon Defied
Pennons Aloft
Starlight and Sellswords
Tears for Mor Dhona
Phantoms on the Lake
Supply & Demand
Behind Closed Doors
Horizons Calling
No Quarter
Beneath Bloodied Banners
With these Hands
By Design
Nature´s Bounty
When a Tree Falls
Crowning Achievements
Where the Heart Is
Holy Consult
Aetherial Slumber
The Echo
Fever Dream
Daring Dalliances
Sacred Bonds
Piece of Mind
Inner Recess
From the Heart
Fourteen Steps
Fragments of Forever
Everbinding Oath
Moonfire Faire
All Saint´s Wake
Starlight Celebration
The Hero of Hatchingtide
Battle Drums
The Seventh Gate
Victory Fanfare Short
Without Shadow
Wrath of the Eikons
Primal Judgment
Final Respite
The Dark´s Embrace
The Dark´s Kiss
Victory Fanfare Full
Maelstrom Command
Into the Adder´s Den
The Hall of Flames
Honor and Duty
Eorzea de Chocobo
Ripples in the Sea
The Sands´ Secrets
Dewdrops & Moonbeams
Dreams Aloft
Birds of a Feather
Flee Together
Quick as Silver, Hard as Stone
Flightless Wings
The Promise of Plunder
Seven Jesters
Good King Moggle Mog XII
The Rider´s Boon
Breaking Boundaries
In the Arms of Althyk
Agent of Inquiry
The Tug of Fate
To the Fore
Imperial Will
Steel Reason
Fallen Angel
Rise of the White Raven