NieR:Automata BRING ARTS 2B & Machine Lifeform
 NieR:Automata paints a universe in which humanity struggles to reclaim an Earth occupied by an alien race. Humanity’s addition to this fight – android soldier “YoRHa No. 2 B Model (Alias 2B)” -  and the aliens’ weapons - the “Machine Lifeforms” - are now available from BRING ARTS.

Faithfully recreated, the 2B figurine is highly detailed, down to the delicate embroidery of her dress and the pearlescent transparence of her white hair. The use of weathering techniques on the Machine Lifeforms has ensured that they look as weapon-like as possible, and a large number of moveable parts ensures that although small in scale, they’re highly posable.

The inclusion of interchangeable parts (various facial expressions and accessories such as swords, a pod, etc.) means that display opportunities are endless!

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  2B (Incl. Pod)   Approx. W52mm × D38mm × H143mm Weight: 47 g
  Humanoid Life Forms (Incl. accessories) Approx. W60mm × D55mm × H92mm Weight: 95 g
Released 05 2018