NieR RepliCant/Gestalt BRING ARTS – Kainé

In a world slowly being destroyed, “NieR RepliCant/Gestalt” paints the story of the never-ending fight of the protagonist Nier. Now, from that same world, Bring Arts presents the two sword-wielding female soldier Kainé!
She is highly detailed, from her extremely revealing and bewitching costume to her half-body bandage. The gaps in this bandage reveal glimpses of the variations in her skin tone - the evidence of her possession! Even her cool and collected facial expression has been executed perfectly. Kainé comes with twin swords and an Emil head which can also be worn by 2B (sold separately). Her silver hair is faintly transparent, while the delicate colouring brings out the texture of her underwear, allowing you to recreate moments from the game.
Product Size: Approx. W 39 mm X D 26 mm X H 147 mm  Weight: 67.7g