Pre-order Collection of Mana limited print run physical edition available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch™ featuring a special reversible inlay design.

Experience the start of the Mana series with the three-in-one bundle including: FINAL FANTASY Adventure/Mystic Quest, SECRET of MANA and for the first time outside of Japan, TRIALS of MANA!

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• Quick Save
Save your game at any point during play and continue each game at the last save point.

Music Player
Allows players to listen to classic music tracks from each game.

FINAL FANTASY Adventure/Mystic Quest
The title that started it all. Become the guardian you are destined to be and put an end to the Dark Lord's plan to control the life-sustaining Mana Tree.

Screen Mode
Switch between three different screen modes.

Secret of Mana
One sword. Three playable adventurers. Eight Mana Seeds. Join the classic adventure to protect the world and the Mana Tree from The Empire.

Enjoy with your friends as you adventure together in three-player local co-op mode!

Trials of Mana
For the first time ever outside of Japan play the revered third game in the Mana series, experience a unique journey that evolves based on the hero you choose and the party you form.

Localisation: FINAL FANTASY Adventure/Mystic Quest, Secret of Mana – English, French, German text, Trials of Mana English, French, German, Spanish text
Released 2019-08-27 00:01
Platform Nintendo Switch
Genre RPG
Languages English, French, German, Spanish
Audio English