« Why should the world exist without me? That wouldn’t be fair. If I die, we all die! Zidane, you will be my first sacrifice! » Kuja to Zidane

Enter the Crystal world and witness the final fight between Kuja and Zidane, in 1/8th HQS by Tsume version! While the sinister Kuja undergoes its ultimate evolution and is about to destroy the entire planet, there remains a unique hope: the dauntless courage of a big-hearted thief...

As the characters face each other, their eyes meet. Zidane’s big green eyes displays his will to defend his friends and what he believes in ... Armed with his blue and orange metallic painted sword, wearing his iconic colourful outfit, Zidane rushes with all his might. The posing is dynamic, from the tip of his hair to the end of his tail. True technical challenge, Zidane is set in motion, only standing on his right foot.

Facing him is Kuja, looks like a fallen god.  A bloodshot look, a skin as white as snow, and an artificial beauty as cold as ice… are all clues to his corrupted soul. His bright-red-to-dark-red fur and long reddish tail complete his androgynous, animal silhouette. His clothes have turned into shreds, covering only his front arms and thighs. White, pink, purple, and gray reflections on them, create a lightning effect as well as an impression of movement. Due to a witty fixing system, Kuja seems to be floating in the air.

The base is a whole mineral world composed with a crystal plate in transparent resin with violet reflections, a fuchsia crystal ring and the Crystal of life both in varnished transparent resin. The purplish sphere, carved by hand, protecting it delivers an essential message. Its partially destroyed face symbolizes chaos, Kuja's ultimate motivation, while his round and full face represents life and harmony, championed by Zidane. The orange-colored crystals intertwined with the clouds form an arena, highlighting the whole scene. The Crystal of Life in the center of the ring symbolizes the planet life, as its color varies according to its well-being. As can be seen, if its vital energy is positive then the crystal reveals its bluish tints, but if it runs a great danger, these reflections then turn red, like the fur of Kuja, himself animated by evil.

Our unique LED system brings this motionless environment to life, it is equipped with a LED system giving life to such an inhospitable world and terrible scene. It gives the ring a motion feeling, as if it were revolving around the central crystal. Thanks to this lightning effect, the crystals reveal their multiple colored reflections, and harmony of colors, mixing warmer and colder hues, in reference to the opposite personalities of the two characters.

The artists’ main challenge with this statue was to create an alchemy between the retro style of this great video games classic, while making a state-of-the-art modern statue. This is a piece as moving as it is beautiful, which is not only candy to the eyes, but also and especially for the gamers’ heart!
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