Bringing together the BGM from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn!

 This product is a reprint and doesn't include the bonus code anymore.

< Bringing together the music of A Realm Reborn! >

This amazing album gathers together a staggering 119 tracks of the background music from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (up to patch 2.1) for over 6 hours of enchanting music!

Featuring compositions from a  talented team of musicians led by Soken Masayoshi and also including luminaries such as Uematsu Nobuo, Sekito Tsuyoshi and Mizuta Naoshi.

< Uses the new BDM (Blu-ray Disc Music) music media >

By using the new Blu-ray Disc Music media this album allows listeners to experience high quality 96khz/ 24bit sound alongside crisp, high quality video.


< Blu-ray disc also includes MP3 files for all tracks! >

In addition to being able to play this album on all household Blu-ray players, the disc also includes compressed mp3 files for all of the tracks, allowing you to extract the music files using your Blu-ray player (Including Playstation 3) and then listen to them in the way that best fits in with your lifestyle!


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On sale 26/03/2014

Contains a total of 119 tracks

Released 26-03-14
Genre OriginalSoundtracks