The sounds of the original FINAL FANTASY VII from 1997 on an analogue vinyl records makes for a precious collector’s item.
Set features 2 records containing a total of 29 music tracks.

(*This version is a reproduction and isn´t numbered.)

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Shipment may take longer if the parcel contains an import product and faces delays due to customs and duties.
Also, please be aware of potential release date changes, which shall be updated on the website.
Track List:


1 The Prelude
2 Opening-Bombing Mission
3 Tifa's Theme
4 Let the Battles Begin!
5 Turks' Theme
6 Under the Rotting Pizza
7 Fight On!
8 The Chase

9 Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII
10 Farm Boy
11 Electric de Chocobo
12 In Search of the Man in Black
13 Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony
15 Gold Saucer
16 Cait Sith's Theme

Disc 2
1 Cosmo Canyon
2 Lifestream
3 Cid's Theme
4 Wutai
5 Win/Place/Show Chocobo!
6 Words Drowned by Fireworks
7 Forested Temple
8 Aerith's Theme

9 Shinra's Full-Scale Assault
10 The Highwind Takes to the Skies
11 Birth of a God
12 One-Winged Angel
13 The Planet's Crisis
Released 2020-12-11 00:00
Publisher Square Enix