Final Fantasy XII remains one of the most popular titles in the Final Fantasy series today, thanks to its many innovations such as an amazing battle system where foes are fought seamlessly in the full 3D 360 degree game world and the unique “gambit” system that allows you to customise your character’s actions.

One of the key characters in this memorable adventure was Fran, a renowned female warrior of the Viera tribe and partner to the noble sky pirate Balthier.

This awesome figure perfectly reproduces everything that makes Fran’s character so appealing in the tale of many races and peoples that she stars in, including her lithe physique and imposing stature, a natural boon to a warrior born, and her unique complexion that lends her an aura of mystery.

The finish on the figure speaks of an immense respect for the character through details such as her characteristic large ears, the fine colouring on the sections of her armour, the translucent effects on the lace that edges her clothing and her trusty bow and arrows.

© 2006 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. CHARACTER DESIGN: Akihiko Yoshida

Complete, fully painted PVC action figure

Packaging details:

Windowed package with flap.

Includes special PLAY ARTS KAI figure stand.


W 80mm D 80mm H 310mm approx.

Weight: 210g

Accessoires :

Alternate hands



Released 04/2016
Genre PlayArtsKai