FINAL FANTASY XIII saw in the start of a brand new tale of crystals. Lightning, the protagonist of that story, returns to life in an amazing statue showing her in a beautiful action pose.

The sculpting perfectly captures the feeling of speed in the moment Lightning brings her gunblade arcing downwards, with a rush of movement through her hair, jacket and cloak. The sculpt shows her gallant expression and steely gaze, as if fixing her next enemy with a determined stare.

The detailed colouring pays special attention to the texture of the materials on her clothing, accessories as well as the skin texture conjuring images of the original concept art for the game. The special base stand has a wonderful crystal motif as a reference to the unique world of FINAL FANTASY XIII.

This wonderfull piece of art will look great on any desk or display!

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■ Dimensions

W 80mm x D 80mm x H 170mm

Weight: 110g
Released 20-10-16