Here comes CHOCOBO'S CRYSTAL HUNT, a brand new and addictive card game for all ages!
Send your cute Chocobos on a journey to steal your opponents' crystals... before they steal yours!!! Use your intuition and observation skills in this fast-paced game brought to you by the creators of the FINAL FANTASY TCG.

Number of players: 3 to 5 (4 recommended)
Play time: 10-20 mins
For ages: 5-99

Game manual

Box Contents
43 Game Cards 
  • Hunt cards: Chocobo×14 Fat Chocobo×5 
  • Crystal Cards: Fire Crystal×4 Water Crystal×4 Wind Crystal×4 Earth Crystal×4 
  • Monster cards: Bomb×4 Ahriman×4
  • 5 Player Markers 
  • 5 Victory Tokens
Released 14-11-16