Nothing Is As It Seems in NIER® ...

Assume the role of the unyielding protagonist, Nier as he begins his desperate quest to discover a cure for his daughter, Yonah, who is stricken with the deadly Black Scrawl plague that has all but exterminated humanity, ending civilisation and twitsting the world beyond recognition.

Armed with a powerful set of magical abilities as well as mighty swords and armor, Nier will battle alongside a set of formidable allies against waves of dark enemies and giant bosses to discover the truth about the disease, his daughter…and himself.

  • Intricate Story and Immersive World: Experience a richly twisted storyline and explore the beautifully immersive world plagued by human anguish, buried secrets and a ravaging illness.
  • Brutal and Action-Packed Combat: Battle ferocious and mysterious enemies and unleash brutal combat moves along with devastating combo attacks.  
  • Magical Abilities: Unlock magic abilities, as players’ progress their upgraded spells will help defeat ever-more-deadly enemies.
  • Formidable Allies: Travel with a dynamic party of allies and battle against monstrous giants as a powerful and united party.
Platform PlayStation 3
Genre RPG