This BluRay includes the recording of NieR’s first official concert “NIER MUSIC CONCERT & TALK LIVE” that was held in Japan on April 16, 2016. All 13 tracks performed at the concert are included and it is comprised of tracks from NIER ReplicantNIER Gestlat, as well as  “Possessed by Disease” and “Weight of the World” newly created for the latest title NieR: Automata. This BluRay Disc brings to you the atmosphere of the event with the supreme sound of NIER generated through the live performance and vocals, and also includes a selection from the talking segment.

Disc 1

01 Snow in Summer 3:12
02 Hills of Radiant Winds 4:28
03 Kainé 6:58
04 Song of the Ancients / Devola 4:28
05 Repose 6:47
06 The Wretched Automatons 5:04
07 Voice of NieR:Automata 2:09
08 Possessed by Disease 3:40
09 Weight of the World6:01
10 Emil5:49
11 Shadowlord 6:09
12 Ashes of Dreams 13:26
13 Grandma 4:21
14 Song of the Ancients / Fate17:49
15 Talk Part 36:00

Total run time 126:21

*Please note that this is a Japanese import soundtrack Blu-Ray disc. This is NOT a CD and requires a Blu-Ray disc player. Video content does NOT include English subtitles.
Released 10/2017