The “Memories of the puppets” NieR music concerts were held in Tokyo and Osaka in 2017, and this special Blu-ray Disc captures the sheer scale of the epic Tokyo performance. It is a superb package that features not only the tracks played at the concert, but also includes the different spoken word audio dramas performed in Tokyo, Osaka and Taiwan in their entirety.

17 tracks -

1 City Ruins
2 Amusement Park
3 Memories of Dust
4 Voice Drama Scene 1: September 5th
5 Peaceful Sleep
6 A Beautiful Song
7 Vague Hope
8 Voice Drama Scene 2: September 14th
9 Song of the Ancients - Atonement
10 Pascal
11 The Sound of the End
12 Voice Drama Scene 3: September 17th
13 Alien Manifestation
14 The Tower
15 Bipolar Nightmare
16 Mourning
17 Voice Drama Scene 4: September 19th
18 Weight of the World
19 Kaine
20 Ashes of Dreams
21 Weight of the World / the End of YoRHa

Run time 122 minutes

*Please note that this is a Japanese import soundtrack Blu-Ray disc. This is NOT a CD and requires a Blu-Ray disc player. Video content includes English subtitles.
Released 20-12-17
Genre Music