2 CD - 50 Tracks

Melodies thick with memory, ringing out across a world vanishing into white dissolution…

The original soundtrack from LOST SPHEAR, the second game in the “Project SETSUNA” series from Tokyo RPG Factory and Square Enix, is now available to buy!

Proudly bearing the appellation of being a “Neo-classical RPG”, LOST SPHEAR embodies the best of both tradition and evolution, with composer Miyoshi Tomoki bringing colour to its unique world, through his music for the game.
This young composer has received critical acclaim for his work on I am SETSUNA, the first game in the Project SETSUNA series, creating melodies that touch the soul, sometimes achingly beautiful, at others bold and daring, orthodox yet with a certain wisp of nostalgia. You can expect great things from this musical package.