With 20 years of history under its belt, the original soundtrack of the wildly popular game “Xenogears” is back and better than ever!

 Overseen by composer Yasunori Mitsuda, this Blu-ray disc includes remastered versions of all songs. Enjoy this disc with both your eyes and your ears thanks to the inclusion of original in-game video to accompany the game BGM.
 Additionally, especially for this release, Yasunori Mituda and Mariam Abounnasr (Procyon Studio) have created new arrangements of pre-existing songs, as well as a newly recorded and arranged music featuring world-renowned choral ensemble ANÚNA.
 “The First and the Last” is sure to bring back memories for Xenogears fans.

 ■The “Xenogears” soundtrack is making a comeback with newly arranged and recorded songs
 Including 44 game songs specially modified for this soundtrack, overseen by composer Yasunori Mitsuda. Also includes newly arranged music featuring choral ensemble ANÚNA.

 ■Enjoy with both your eyes and your ears A new way to enjoy listening to music!
 With the implementation of “BDM,” this album uses Blu-ray Disc to its fullest potential, allowing listeners to experience both high-quality sound and game visuals simultaneously for a dramatic change to the usual music listening experience.

 ■In addition to high-def listing and viewing at home, the songs are also contained in the disc in mp3 format. You can import the songs from the disc through your Blu-ray players (including PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4) or your Blu-ray enabled PC, to enjoy your music at home or on the go.
1Dark Dawn
2Stars of Tears (Outtake)
3Bond of Sea and Flame
4Village Pride
5Wind from the Valley
6A Distant Promise
8Steel Giants
9The Blackmoon Forest
10Where Dreams Hatch
11Doze (Short Version)
12Desert City Dazil
14Grahf -Ruler of Darkness-
16Dreams of the Brave
17Intangible Treasure
18Ancient Dance of Aveh
20Deadly Dance
21Dark Slumber
22Windy Song
23We Wounded Follow the Light
24Lost... -Screeching Shards-
25The Thames -Men of the Sea-
26Blue Traveler
27Cage of Remorse and Relief
28Icy Chin
29Blazing Knights
30October Mermaid
31Shevat -The Wind Calls-
32With the Sky, the Clouds, and You
33Gather Up the Night Stars
34Earthly Tears, Mortal Thoughts
37Solaris -Supernal Paradise-
38Doze (Long Version)
40Prayers -The Joy of Hope-
43Fangs Bared at God
44The Beginning and the End
45Small Two of Pieces -Screeching Shards-
Released June 2018