Will you become a legend?

Game and rule book in English*
*Rule guide available in other languages for download:

As Lara Croft embarks on an unknown journey in search of a hidden Artifact, the threat she faces is…none other than herself!?

Explore ruins, see off threats, use your wits, arsenal and skills to prove that you, and you alone, are the “True” Lara Croft!

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  • From age: 13+
  • Average game duration: 40min
  • Players: 3-4
  • Size: 312 x 227 x 77mm
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Rule Guide: x1
  • Start tile: x1
  • Goal tile: x1
  • Area tiles: x10
  • Climax tiles: x3
  • Lara miniatures: x4
  • Player boards: x4
  • Action cards: x28 (6 types, 7 cards per player x 4)
  • Raid cards: x41
  • Artifact: x1
  • Artifact Replicas: x2
  • Starting Player marker: x1
  • Threat/Experience markers: x7
  • Injury markers: x4
Released June 2019
Languages English