From “Dragon Quest XI Echoes of a Lost Age” Bring Arts is proud to present Jade, the high-minded martial artist.
Her skirt is made of flexible materials, for smooth motion, and her carefully moulded hair and costume features impressive shading details and colouring for a more dynamic appearance.
She comes with a full set of accessories, including three interchangeable faces, ten interchangeable hands, Ice claws, Dragonlord claws, Jade's glaive, and a great sabrecub with an articulated head and tail.
While compact in size, this set embodies her dignified air and perfectly captures the in-game atmosphere.

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[Jade] Approx. W 48.5mm x D 41.7mm x H 145.5mm      Weight: 66 g
[Great Sabrecub] Approx. W 49.5mm x D 69mm x H 58mm          Weight: 31 g