With its expansive and moving story lines, lovable characters, and cutting edge visuals, the 1997 masterpiece FINAL FANTASY VII has sold more than 11 million copies world-wide. From this masterpiece, we’re proud to present the "Revival” soundtrack, featuring in-game footage from FF7!

This set includes a total of 85 tracks from the composer behind some of the FINAL FANTASY series’ most memorable tracks - Nobuo Uematsu - and comes with a booklet which features special commentary from the original development team. We've selected the best of the best from this game’s countless memorable scenes and crammed them all into one Blu-ray Disc. Cloud! Aerith! Sephiroth! Bring back all of your best memories.

  • Features remastered tracks for better sound quality
  • MP3 Included to bring with you everywhere
*Please note that this is a Japanese import disc.
Released 2019-08-13 00:00