From FINAL FANTASY IX, Bring Arts is proud to present Burmecian Dragon Knight Freya and general of the all-female army of Alexandria, Beatrix.
Freya, a member of the Burmecian race of rat people, is visually striking, with fine details down to her very animal-like hands and feet.
Beatrix is equally well executed, appearing true to form as both elegantly feminine and coolly dignified.
These figures come with a wide variety of parts, including interchangeable hands, faces, and weapons such as the Javelin and Save the Queen. Enjoy putting these powerful beauties in a wide variety of poses.

Freya (Excl. Tail)  W 94mm × D 49mm × H 156mm  Weight: 123g
Freya (Incl. Tail)  W 94mm × D 102mm × H 156mm  Weight: 123g
Beatrix  W 61mm × D 47.5mm × H 120mm  Weight: 116g

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Released 2020-04-17