The famous icons of KINGDOM HEARTS are now available as mini charms!

Each charm comes with a KINGDOM HEARTS logo plate and with the attached ring these can be attached to any purse, key or bag you have.
These delightful charms come in three different metallic finishes: gold, silver, and black. Show your favorite icons off wherever you go!

The set includes a total of 18 possible types of mini Charms.

Product Size (cm):

CROWN ICON             W 2.38cm X D 0.28cm X H 2.00cm
FENRIR                        W 1.12cm X D 0.28cm X H 4.45cm
KINGDOM KEY           W 1.27cm X D 0.50cm X H 4.57cm
MICKEY ICON             W 2.34cm X D 0.30cm X H 2.03cm
SHADOW                    W 2.41cm X D 0.25cm X H 2.95cm
WAYFINDER               W 2.39cm X D 0.30cm X H 2.54cm