A timeless gift to all who call Eorzea home.

With hundreds of pages detailing everything from Eorzea’s history and cultures to her geography and inhabitants, this expertly crafted tome is a veritable treasure trove of invaluable information.

Encyclopaedia Eorzea offers an in-depth look at the realm’s city-states, organizations, and leading players, as well as its various professions and their foremost practitioners. Readers will also gain insight into Eorzea’s beastmen—their cultures, customs, and deities—and detailed data on the realm’s myriad creatures, from the timid to the terrifying.


- The First Book: Hydaelyn – Delve into the realm of Eorzea and learn about the lay of the land, the world’s core elements: crystals and the aether, and the folklore of its denizens.

- The Second Book: Her History – Look back on Eorzea’s history, from the first Calamity to the Dragonsong War.

- The Third Book: Her Children – Take an in-depth look at the races that inhabit Eorzea, from both historical and anthropological perspectives.

- The Fourth Book: Her Lands – Study the city-states, their cultures, organizations, and leading players, in addition to surrounding lands and notable landmarks.

- The Fifth Book: Her Servants – Read about the characters and organizations of Eorzea. Find out how each organization came to be, what they endeavor to achieve, and what motivates their loyal members.

- The Sixth Book: Her Disciplines – Study the world’s various professions and their foremost practitioners, in addition to those professions’ origins, fighting styles, and gear.

- The Seventh Book: Her Burdens – Gain insight into Eorzea’s beastmen, their cultures, customs, and deities—the primals.

- The Eighth Book: Her Creatures – View detailed information on the realm’s myriad creatures, from the timid to the terrifying.

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Written by Banri Oda, Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, Natsuko Ishikawa
Supervised by FINAL FANTASY XIV Producer and Director, Naoki Yoshida

Includes a bonus item code for the Namingway minion!


Size: A4
304 pages

* Minions are cosmetic items and do not provide any in-game stat bonuses.
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* Bonus Item code can only be redeemed once.
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* This product is in English only
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Release Date (REPRINT EDITION) 2022-04-12
Platform Books
Languages English