We are proud to present the hotly awaited definitive soundtrack to legendary RPG Chrono Trigger, released exclusively on the Nintendo DS in 2008, which brings together all the enchanting BGM from the game.
Featuring the music lovingly put together by Mitsuda Yasuteru, a mighty presence in the game music scene known for his work on numerous titles such as Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.
This massive soundtrack album spans three CDs and manages to include many tracks that we could not fit on the soundtrack to the Playstation version, making it a must for Chrono Trigger fans everywhere!

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Chrono Trigger
Morning Sunlight
Peaceful Days
Memories of Green
Guardia Millennial Fair
Gato´s Song
A Strange Happening
Wind Scene
Secret of the Forest
Battle 1
Courage and Pride
Huh !
Manoria Cathedral
A Prayer to the Road that Leads
Silent Light
Boss Battle 1
Frog´s Theme
Fanfare 1
Kingdom Trial
The Hidden Truth
A Shot of Crisis
Far Off Promise (Arrange Version 1)
Chrono Trigger (Arrange Version 1)
Ayla´s Theme (Arrange Version)
Frog´s Theme (Arrange Version)
Ruined World
Mystery of the Past
Lab 16´s Ruin
People Without Hope
Lavos´ Theme
The Day the World Revived
Robo Gang Johnny
Bike Chase
Robo´s Theme
Remains of the Factory
Battle 2
Fanfare 2
Brink of Time
Delightful Spekkio
Fanfare 3
Underground Sewer
Boss Battle 2
Primitive Mountain
Ayla´s Theme
Rhythm of Wind, Sky and Earth
Burn! Bobonga!
Magus´ Castle
Confusing Melody
Battle with Magus
Chrono Trigger (Arrange Version 2)
Chrono Trigger (Arrange Version 3)
Schala´s Theme (Arrange Version)
Singing Mountain
Tyran Castle
At the Bottom of Night
Corridors of Time
Zeal Palace
Schala´s Theme
Sealed Door
Undersea Palace
Far Off Promise
Wings That Cross Time
Black Omen
World Revolution
Last Battle
First Festival of Stars
Epilogue ~ To Good Friends
To Far Away Times
Ending ~ Burn! Bobonga! ~ Frog´s Theme ~ To Far Away Times (Arrange Version)
Far Off Promise (Arrange Version 2)
Bonus Track 1
Bonus Track 2
Bonus Track 3
Bonus Track 4
Bonus Track 5

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