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Your husband Richard lies dead beneath the cherry blossoms of Old Japan, and the police are of no help. Step into history and uncover the truth when no one else will. Find devilishly hidden clues, explore exotic locales, and bring the killer to justice!
  • The hidden object genre meets historical fiction for the first time
  • Over 1200 cleverly hidden objects
  • Over 20 handpainted backgrounds
  • Stirring, Japanese-themed soundtrack
Requisitos mínimos del sistema
Operating system: Windows Vista/XP/7
Processor: 800 Mhz
Memory: 512 MB
Hard disk space: 186 MB
Video: On-Board
Sound: DirectX 8.1 Compatible
DirectX®: 8.1
Lanzamiento 24-02-15
Plataforma PC Download
Desarrollador SQUARE ENIX
Editor: Square Enix
Género Puzzle
Idiomas Inglés, Francés, Italiano, Alemán, Español
SKU 1886