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Presenting a new FINAL FANTASY XIV-themed silver accessory inspired by the Crystal Exarch’s weapon, available in two different sizes. The medium-sized pendant is approx. 6.09 cm [60mm] in height and approx. 1.27 cm [12mm] in width and features a sturdy and heavy feel with a patina finish covering the entire product.

Material: 925 Silver
Size: (CM) pendant (excludes bail) Approx. H 6.09 cm x D 0.25 cm x H 1.01 cm (H 60mm × D 3mm × W 12mm)

Release date is approximate

  • Shipments may take longer to arrive if they contain an import product and may face delays due to customs and duties
  • Potential release date changes will be updated on the website
Fecha de lanzamiento 2021-12-14 00:00