From The World Ends with You The Animation, we bring you a necklace with Skull's Player Pin! Faithfully recreated in 3D, this design is both simple and sleek - making it a great fit for your wardrobe.

The chain has an adjuster ring that allows you to wear the necklace at slightly different lengths.


Pendant Size: (CM)  L 1.62 x W 1.24 x D 0.22

Chain Length:  50.03

Box Size:(CM) L 10.49 x W 7.59 x D 3.50

Material: SV925 Black coated Sterling Silver

Discoloration can occur with excessive moisture and sweat.
Please refrain from using while exercising or bathing.

Release date is approximate

  • Shipments may take longer to arrive if they contain an import product and may face delays due to customs and duties
  • Potential release date changes will be updated on the website

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