Captain of the Niflheim Empire's Third Army Corps 86th Airborne Unit, Aranea Highwind is a supremely skilled aerial combatant, who has earned the name “Dragoon” for her prowess.
This awesome figure fully recreates Aranea’s gallant appearance down to the last detail, clad in sleek black armour and wielding a deadly magitek spear as the flits across the battlefield.

The fine sculpting brings out Aranea’s sharp silhouette, combined with an unmistakeable femininity, while the colouring on her pearlescent skin gives her a slightly otherworldly appearance.
The textures on the accessories have been worked to the highest quality finish for a striking visual impact, while the use of soft materials on the joints and a link-ball connector on the cloak allow for a wealth of characterful poses.

Her trusty spear has an imposing presence and the figure also includes two variant heads, one wearing her distinctive helmet and the other bare, allowing you to recreate her famous scenes from the story of FINAL FANTASY XV.

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■ Complete, full coloured PVC action figure
■ Packaging specs.
Windowed package with front flap.
 Includes special PLAY ARTS KAI figure stand.
■ Product Dimensions:
W115mm×D80mm×H265mm approx.
 Weight: 319
Date de sortie January 2018