A masterpiece brought to you by FINAL FANTASY, the London Symphony Orchestra, and Abbey Road Studio!

The Square Enix game music orchestra concert, 'Final Symphony - Music From FINAL FANTASY VI, VII and X' has been performed around the world since 2013, and we are now pleased to breathe new life into these incredible songs.

This Blu-ray music disc features a full re-recording by the world-renowned London Symphony Orchestra in cooperation with Abbey Road Studio, including beloved songs from FINAL FANTASY VI, VII, and X. The orchestral arrangements are recorded in high-resolution sound, which can also be enjoyed in 5.1-ch. surround sound.

This is an album that not only fans of FINAL FANTASY will enjoy, but one that all admirers of symphony orchestra can appreciate.

1. FANTASY OVERTURE - Circle Within A Circle Within A Circle
2. FINAL FANTASY VI - Symphonic Poem: Born with the Gift of Magic
3. "FINAL FANTASY X - Piano Concerto I. Zanarkand "
4 "FINAL FANTASY X - Piano Concerto II. Inori"
5 "FINAL FANTASY X - Piano Concerto III. Kessen"
6 FINAL FANTASY X. Suteki da ne
7 "FINAL FANTASY VII - Symphony in Three Movements I. Nibelheim Incident"
8 "FINAL FANTASY VII - Symphony in Three Movements II. Words Drowned by Fireworks"
9 "FINAL FANTASY VII - Symphony in Three Movements III. The Planet’s Crisis "
11 FINAL FANTASY SERIES. Fight, Fight, Fight!

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