Bravely Second End Layer bande Originale [Edition limitée]
46 pistes sur 3CD
Cette édition limitée comprend un pack de jaquettes interchangeables
CD 1
1-1Bravely Second Main Theme
1-2Agnes in Captivity
1-3Ready to Go?
1-4Battle of Oblivion
1-5The Curtain Rises
1-6Gathelatio, Seat of the Orthodoxy
1-7I'll Take This One Too
1-8A Moment's Respite
1-9The Imperial Army
1-10Theme of Yew
1-11The Adventure Begins
1-12War Bells Toll
1-13Joy of Victory – Bravely Second
1-14Hold Your Breath
1-15On That Day
1-16A Trial Beckons
1-17Impending Danger
1-18Time of Loss
CD 2
2-1Punishing Battle
2-2The Vanquished
2-3A Second Chat
2-4Sgt. Sapp and Pvt. Piddler
2-5Theme of Magnolia
2-6Adrift in Darkness
2-7Den of Fiends
2-8Row Your Boat
2-9Insert Laughs Here?
2-10Al-Khampis, Land of Learning
2-11Theme of Altair and Vega
2-12Yunohana, Land of Hot Springs
2-13The Rubadub Sets Sail
2-14Sagitta, Village in the Clouds
2-15The Grand Ship – A Sea Shanty
2-16The Grand Ship (Superstar Mix)
CD 3
3-1Overcoming Obstacles
3-2Going Full Gravy
3-3Le Grand Jeu
3-4Don't Sell Me Short!
3-5I've Got This!
3-6Sailing the Skies
3-7Battle with Anne
3-8Battle with Diamante
3-9Battle with Anne, Redux
3-10Path to the Celestial
3-11Battle with Providence
3-12Last Song – Ending Version
Date de sortie Juin 2016