Presenting a new FINAL FANTASY XIV-themed key case that features a design that incorporates the various in-game job icons. Secure your keys just like you’d secure your most valuable key items from the game! We also paid special attention to the four fasteners and colored them black to align with the base color of the case to add to the coolness factor.

There are six different products in the job icon merchandise series: stole, personal organiser , foldable eyeglass case, key case, compact wallet, and sling bag. Collect the series to incorporate a variety of new FINAL FANTASY XIV fashion into your daily routine!

Material: PU, polyester, metal (iron)
Size: (CM) Approximately (closed)   H 11.17 cm × D 2.28 cm × W 7.11 cm
                                    (opened) H 11.17 cm × D 1.01 cm × W19.55 cm

Release date is approximate

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  • Potential release date changes will be updated on the website
Date de sortie 2021-12-14 00:00