Presenting a new FINAL FANTASY XIV-themed sling bag that features a design that incorporates the various in-game job icons. The embossed job icons serve as subtle embellishments, making it a unique accessory designed to fit right in with a casual outfit. Though its size makes it suitable for casual outings, or a ride on your bike, the zippered opening is wide enough to allow for large storage. Gather all your job icon goods and store them inside!

There are six different products in the job icon merchandise series: stole, personal organiser , foldable eyeglass case, key case, compact wallet, and sling bag. Collect the series to incorporate a variety of new FINAL FANTASY XIV fashion into your daily routine!

Material: PU, polyester, POM,  PE, nylon, zinc alloy
Size: (CM) Approximately Bag  L 16.00 cm x W 48.00 cm x D 6.98 cm (160mm × 480mm x 70mm)
                                    Belt length 91.44 cm (920mm)

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Date de sortie 2021-12-14 00:00