Kuja and Amarant come to the BRING ARTS series.

Kuja’s chilling demeanour and enchanting costume really bring out the feel of the character from the game.
All of Amarant’s fine details, such as his trademark flaming red dreadlocks and salamander shoulder tattoo, are faithfully replicated on this gorgeous figure.
This handsome set includes numerous interchangeable parts, such as Amarant’s “Cat’s Claws” weapon and alternative hands and faces for each character, allowing you to re-create the memorable scenes from FINAL FANTASY IX.


Kuja (Including feathers on the head):    W 86mm × D 46.5mm × H 165mm   Weight: 146g
Amarant: W 91mm × D 66mm × H 184mm    Weight:  292g
Date de sortie 2020-10-09 00:00